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One of my earliest childhood memories is back in 1969 when my mother pointed at the moon and said to me, “There’ll be somebody walking on that next week”.  Of course, I was far too young to fully appreciate the significance of such a thing, which is why I got quite excited when Mars One—a Netherlands-based private spaceflight project—announced that the first contracts to develop concepts for a Mars lander have been awarded. The possibility of landing a person on the red planet has just moved a tiny bit closer.


Apparently, if a manned exploratory mission scheduled for 2018 is successful, then this might mean it will be possible to start colonising Mars by 2025!  Does this mean that we might actually be getting nearer to the shiny, space-age world I was promised when I was a small boy?  I know that many words have been spoken on the subject of getting living humans to the surface of Mars over the years, but it would be great to think that it might be achievable after all. The mission’s date has been put back by two years, but what’s a couple of years in the grand scheme of things?  It gives me a bit extra time to work out which shirts I need to pack.


I wish the applicants who have signed up for the mission all the very best. Though this misshapen old body certainly won’t be able to withstand the punishment of space travel, I’ll be with them in spirit. The CEO of Mars One, Bas Lansdorp has compared the value of the mission’s video footage of the solar system to broadcast rights from the Olympic Games. As impressive as the last Olympics were, I’ve got to admit that I would much rather watch a Martian sunset. I’m slightly too young to have been able to appreciate the Apollo missions for what they were, so this time I intend to have a front row sit.


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