I must be sleeping on the job at the moment, because I’ve only just spotted this remarkable story concerning a young man who was doing work experience at Keele University:


Work-experience schoolboy discovers a new planet


I have to take my hat off to 17-year-old Tom Wagg, a pupil at Newcastle-Under-Lyme School, who managed to discover a new planet while on his work experience placement two years ago. Apparently, he made his discovery whilst looking through data collected by the Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) project. WASP monitors the skies to find transits, which are dips in light intensity caused by planets passing in front of their host star. The planet that tom has discovered in the southern constellation of Hydra has been catalogued as WASP-142b – not exactly a snappy name, but refers to the fact that it’s the 142nd discovery made by WASP. It looks like Tom, who wants to study physics at university, could be the youngest person to have made such a discovery.


That certainly beats sweeping up in steel fabrication workshop…


If it’s clear this weekend…


…you should get a great view of Venus, Jupiter and the moon. Just look west.


Superb moon, Venus, Jupiter June 19-21


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