I am Dr Dave Tipper. Science guy. Interested in everything.


Since starting my career in fabrication and structural steelwork in 1987, I have worked and taught across many areas of engineering—everything from general mechanics to robotics—-and have enjoyed the challenge of designing engineering solutions for a diverse group of clients including Jaguar, Airbus, and Jacob’s Biscuits.


My professional experience has served me well in my personal life, particularly on the mechanical engineering side. I’ve had around 25 cars and eight motorbikes, several of which I have restored myself. I prefer working with older models as they are easier to work with and less can go wrong.


When I’m not wielding a spanner, I like being musical. I play guitar and bass and have performed in bands on and off since 1985.


I currently live in Barlborough, Derbyshire, with my wife, Pamela.


When I’m at the pub, my friends often ask me to explain how things work. I created this blog as an extension of those conversations, and to create a platform where all those interested in science can ask questions, share ideas, and participate in an ongoing discussion of all things interesting.


Want to know more? Ask me anything!